Facebook Login not detected by app on Galaxy

Not an issue. This was my fault. Forgot to check the Server IP Whitelist in the “advanced” settings for my FB app.

I am trying to switch to Galaxy but I am experiencing a new issue with Facebook login that does not seem to exist on Digital Ocean where I have hosted my app for the last 12 months. The issue also does not exist on AWS.

The app on Galaxy cannot detect my FB account.
If I am not logged into FB and click login on my site, it correctly asks for my FB login credentials. I submit, get redirected back but my site shows that I am still not logged in. If I click login again, the redirect happens and I am still shown as logged out. Simultaneously, I am shown as logged in on Facebook.com

The app running on Digital Ocean and AWS does not have this problem and works as expected.

Has anyone else had this problem or any ideas of what might be happening?