Facebook login via android app

Hi, we have a cross-platform application: web + android. We use facebook authorization to login to our application. For authorization, we used the “cordova-plugin-facebook4” module. As far as I understand, since October 2021, Facebook has banned authorization from webview and we need to upgrade to the new Facebook SDK. We have changed the authorization module to cordova-plugin-facebook-connect.
But with its help, we can not fix the authorization. We found this page on github: For your account security logging into facebook from an embedded browser is disabled · Issue #110 · cordova-plugin-facebook-connect/cordova-plugin-facebook-connect · GitHub and installed all the modules indicated there (cordova-plugin-androidx-adapter and cordova -plugin-androidx).
But the authorization still doesn’t work and shows an error: “For your account security, logging into Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled. To continue, download and log into the Facebook app on your device and try again”.
But facebook app is correctly installed and working on my device.
We have used meteor 1.12.2 version but updated to 2.2.4, and it didn’t change anything.
Does anyone know what else we can do?

To be frank, I would let go those outdated Cordova plugins and get into Firebase technology and leave it to Google to worry about Facebook.

I am getting more and more into Firebase now that I prepare an upgrade for activitree:push and I like it, I find it reliable and most of the things are measurable and well documented.

I decided to leave all Facebook ecosystem behind and will be only implementing passwordless from now on but I understand the need of Facebook in some projects.

What you might be missing from what I read in the last part of your message, is a correct deep linking of facebook.

Please have a look at this and you might want to go this way, otherwise you have some useful plugins there that are probably missing from your setup. Authenticate Using OAuth Providers with Cordova  |  Firebase Documentation
Facebook: Signing in users with Facebook  |  Identity Platform Documentation  |  Google Cloud