Facebook : Meteor's URL posting


Hey guys,

I have a problem with my SEO and Facebook, first at all, I have those things :
-> ms-seo that allows me to dynamically set my metas
-> fast-render to accelerate my rendering with meteor server side
-> prerender.io to store raw html
-> I have also try spiderable (I can’t make it work… Maybe it’s the only way ?)

The problem is simple. Facebook returns me blank item like this :

(URL shared is : http://www.happytour.me/#!activity/57613fb076c236fc0e004963)

With PreRender.io, it works ! But … nah… all my JS is completely down, see by yourself :

(URL shared is : http://www.happytour.me/?escaped_fragment=activity%2F57613fb076c236fc0e004963)

Of course it’s down… RAW HTML…

So now, I’ve no idea about what to do.

Have you some advices about it ?

Thanks :wink:

(Sorry for Kendji…)


Uff…why do you share the url with the escaped fragment parameter?

Normally you would share www.happytour.me and the Facebook bot will automatically render the page via the escaped fragment tag, but the link on facebook should be the one without it.

BTW: If you’ve added Prerender, you should clear Facebook’s OG cache for your site via https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

Otherwise Facebook will still show your site without any content information.


I personally prefer to do server side rendering for all my SEO needs.

See this post for more info: