Facebook OAuth returns blank on IOS app (Cordova)


Hi everyone,

I have a mobile app that requires a Facebook authentication. It works on Desktop, and even on Safari for iOS. But not on an iOS app. It’ll go pass the Facebook username and password, but will return a blank, white screen. Anyone has an idea for a fix?


Facebook/Twitter API OAuth returns blank on iOS app (Cordova)
Facebook OAuth returns blank on iOS app (Cordova)
Facebook/Twitter OAuth returns blank on iOS app (Cordova)

Hi Arnold,

  • do you have a mobile-settings.json with “facebook” credentials AppID, AppSecret and “cordova”: “cordova.phonegap.plugins.facebookconnect” APP_ID, APP_NAME ?
  • did you configure correctly on facebook app side ?

I have an iOS/Android app running well with FB in dev mode (localhost:3000) and production mode (hosted at DigitalOcean).
If you need, we can review this during an airpair session : http://airpair.com/help/request.



I do have facebook credentials, but not on mobile-settings.json

  1. Can I have a sample mobile-settings.json file with the facebook creds?
  2. Where do we place the mobile-settings.json file?

Thanks for the help!

  "public": {
    "version": "x.y.z"

  "facebook" : {
        "AppID": "xxxxx",
        "AppSecret": "yyyyy"

   "cordova": {
        "com.phonegap.plugins.facebookconnect": {
            "APP_ID": "xxxx",
            "APP_NAME": "abcdef"

Place this file at root of your app.
Build with : meteor build …/abcdef_deploy/ --server abcdef.com --mobile-settings mobile-settings.json


Hi there!

I am finally able to test this approach.

Unfortunately, I’m getting the same result – a blank, white page after a successful login.

I’m on iOS8, btw.

Any idea?