Facebook Share Data

Hey ya’ll…having some trouble with some code using the shareit package…I can’t seem to get any data to facebook shareing other than a standard www.iprepgenius.com URL.

The link from FB to my site is the correct specific link I send, but no picture or anything else shows up…any help? I’ve included the code below…Thanks!

    shareData: function() {
        let fundraiserId = FlowRouter.getParam('id');
        let url = 'https://www.ifundgenius.com/fundraiser/' + fundraiserId;
        let titleMeta = "og:title";
        let typeMeta = "og:type";
        let type = "article";
        let title = "We need your help supporting our school with iFundGenius! Please help us get more technology in our classrooms!";
        let descriptionMeta = "og:description";
        let description = "iFundGenius: Community Fundraisers";
        let image = 'og:image';
        let thumbnail = "http://res.cloudinary.com/dnpsqa8uq/image/upload/v1516378266/ifund_front_pmsff4.jpg";
        return { titleMeta: title, typeMeta: type, url: url, descriptionMeta: description, image: thumbnail };