Facebook share post: lukemadera:social-share


I’m using the package lukemadera:social-share for sharing a Facebook Post from my site.
I can share the post setting the url:

In the html:

{{> lmSocialShare opts=opts}}

In the helper of js:

opts: function() {
      var opts ={
        facebook: true,
        twitter: false,
        pinterest: false,
        shareData: {
        	body: 'ciao',
          url: 'http://www.example.com/'
      return opts;

My question is how can I set the text of post?
I tried to do like the example of the package (https://github.com/lukemadera/meteor-packages/blob/master/social-share/basic/social-share-basic.js):

  shareData: {
          url: 'http://google.com',
          facebookAppId: '195380783916970',
          subject: 'test subject',
          body: 'test body',
          redirectUrl: 'http://localhost:3000/test'

but the post doesn’t use the body or the subject.

Someone could help me?


Hi ,
I am also facing this issue. I am unable to share data on Facebook and googleplus. If you got solution for this please let me know

Got solution? If yes please share…