Facebook sharing won't load image from collectionFS folder

I found a strange behavior when tried to connect Facebook sharing functionality. On my site I have articles where are some images. So, main images I wanted to add to “og:image” direct url of the image. After that I tested, raw url and it works, but Facebook crawler won’t to load this image. I’ve tried to upload and copy this image to a public folder and hardcode my “og:image”. After that all started work, but the problem is that I want to have dynamic og:image meta tag.
(All other tags loads well)

Probably somebody had some experience with Facebook sharing stuff?

As usual nobody knows :smile:

Or probably someone know how to move cfs folder to public folder?

I have the same issue and don’t find a way to fix it.

Any ideas?

@acemtp Due to this bug report they should fix it. But I didn’t want to wait and stated generate direct url to image

Damned, I found the problem after 3 hours of debugging.

It’s not related to facebook but by spiderable.

The workaround is to remove spiderable and use this version of the package https://github.com/jazeee/jazeee-meteor-spiderable

Add in your code:


So your cfs files will not be phantomed.

And then, apply this bug fix in the package… https://github.com/jazeee/jazeee-meteor-spiderable/issues/23

Easy no?