Facebook-style link parsing (picture, snippet, meta-data, etc)


Has anyone tried to add a Facebook-style link parser to their Meteor app, where a user can paste a link that automatically generates a picture, snippet, and some meta-data? I see lots of examples on the Internet but nothing specific to Meteor.

Just thought I’d see if there are any other projects to join forces with before I try and roll my own.


@mizzao I am also very interested in developing this solution. http://embed.ly/ apis is what is suggested by telescope but I would like to have special meteor package.


Actually, that looks pretty good. It seems pretty complex to do this the right way and I don’t want to re-invent the wheel.


@mizzao : You should also check out https://github.com/itteco/iframely . They have open source apis.


Do you know of any other services like embed.ly and iframely for comparison? These are actually exactly what I’m looking for; I just didn’t know what they were called.


Would be nice to have an out of the box solution for Meteor. :slight_smile:


iframely seems very useful! But it seems like it doesn’t read from domains that it doesn’t know.

embed.ly works great, but having to pay kind of sucks.

I’d rather have a free Meteor-packaged solution that does the job most of the time (even if it’s not perfect). Maybe a wrapper for iframely plus a parser?