Facing Memory leak issue on meteor server


I detected memory leaks on meteor server using nagios

I used heapdump pacakge and found memory leaks

it is clear here lot of leaks because of some source map and other string

I am unable to find the solution.can anybody guide me how can i remove these memory leaks.



What makes you say it’s a memory leak, rather than node’s garbage collection (I see a steady climb then a sharp drop)? Did something else happen to cause the sudden drop in memory use?

If it is a memory leak, this thread has some useful tips:


Instead of (or in addition to) using nagios look into getting either Kadira APM, Kadira Debug, or both integrated into your app to troubleshoot. Kadira is a Meteor specific APM that will help you nail down your Meteor app’s memory leaks. Once integrated, take a look at Kadira’s Meteor Performance 101 to get up to speed on how the tool works, what the data means, and how to leverage all of it to make you app perform better.


actually my server has been crashed during overnight time


actually we did not implement our own pub-sub we are using autopublish package in our app ,this can be a leak reason ???


Also found some more pattern

what is this buffer leak here ?



What @hwillson said :slight_smile:


Thanks @hwillson and @robfallows ,Kadira Really works!