Fail in build on xcode



I created an app and it works on web and android perfectly. But in IOS i cant build, because this error occour:

Expected declaration

and other errors.

I am using xcode 7.3, meteor 1.5.1.


It’s hard to say without more information, but if it works on Android it sounds like your iOS development environment isn’t configured correctly.

Assuming the obvious (that you added meteor add-platform ios), it might be easier to nuke your dev environment and start clean, re-install everything.

Easiest obviously if you access to another Mac.

Other than that, when I ran into random errors in Xcode, the two things that worked for me were “Project > Clean” and unchecking, then re-checking the “Automatically sign project” option (where you select a developer profile).


I’m trying run on other mac with xcode 8 and meteor 1.5.1, but other error is caused. A Linker error.

See the screeshot:


Looks like a conflict with the Google Plus plugin.

Assuming you need that plugin and can’t remove it, per this thread:


I tryed this, but doesn’t work.

I am using raix:push to send push notifications and accounts-google to permit register and login with Google Accounts.

Do you have other idea?


You’re getting a duplicate symbols error, which suggests the Google+ Cordova plugin is trying to compile a file that has already been compiled.

Assuming you don’t want to handcode Objective C, your best option is probably to remove packages one by one to see which one is the culprit.


Hi @regular_human, I removed raix:push and phonegap-plugin-push. Worked.

But I need send push notifications yet.


Not sure what raix:push is adding on top of phonegap-plugin-push but I’d try just using phonegap-plugin-push or searching for a different package.

Good luck.


I resolved this with this sequence of command line:

# cd ./meteor/local/cordova-build/platforms/ios
# pod install
# open myProject.xcworkspace

Build works fine.