Failed to parse SourceMap

i am using meteor with angular and using angular ui-router i have an error in my console
" Failed to parse SourceMap " some one can help me please my code is there


      angular.module('forum', ['angular-meteor', 'ui.router'])
    .config(function($urlRouterProvider, $stateProvider){

        // Set the default route
            .when('/', '/topics')

        // Add states
        $stateProvider.state('topic', {
            url: '/topic/:topicId',
            templateUrl: 'views/pages/topic.html',
            controller: 'TopicContoller'


        // We inject $state here to initialize ui.router
    .controller('TopicContoller', function($scope, $stateParams){
        $scope.subscribe('topic', function(){ return [$stateParams.topicId]; });
            topic: function() {
                return Topics.find({_id: $stateParams.topicId});


         <div class="page">
        <h1>{{ }}</h1>

Same here. And my stylus files arent mapped - meteor just dumbs all css into one big css file… ((