Fasal | Full-Stack, AI-Powered Solution for Horticulture 🚜

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We have a new case study featuring Fasal! :man_farmer::woman_farmer:

Fasal is a full-stack, AI-powered solution for horticulture anchored on an IoT-SaaS platform. It provides farmers with farm-level, crop-specific, and crop stage-specific actionable intelligence.

Fasal created an IoT sensor device called Fasal Sense that monitors each farm and collects data 24/7. Farmers then use the Fasal App (built with Meteor) to access that data.

Meteor being hybrid in nature allowed the Fasal team to code once and deployed in multiple environments.

For an early-stage startup with a very limited number of engineers (just three, to be precise), it was imperative to focus energy and resources on building features for their customers rather than managing different services or application environments.

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