Faster Meteor Reloads

Compiling with meteor when developing can be sooooo slow. I know this is a known issue. Is this something the meteor team is looking to rectify? Any insight would be appreciated.

What OS are you using?

I’ve got a macbook pro. 8GB ram 2.7 GHz i5

OS - macOS Sierra

Other than making sure you are using the latest version of meteor, and disabling any anti-virus/anti-malware scanning, you might try suggestions from the following:

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None of this seems to be making a difference. If I run METEOR_PROFILE=1 meteor the majority of the build time appears to be coming from

(#1) Profiling: Server startup
(#1) Total: 9,090 ms (Server startup)

This seems to be related to all the packages. Does this need to update everytime I alter front end code?

It shouldn’t need to unless you have code being updated that both the client and server depend on.

Please try and post your CPU profiles


Ooo - I like that! :slight_smile:

Now, if we only had a tool to analyse the output of the meteor process when using the various debugging environment variables…

What do you mean? This package allows you to take profiles of both the meteor build and server process at any time

My point was more about how to digest the information provided by something like


and to some extent

meteor list --tree --weak

as another aid to problem solving.

I’m going to do a blog post on performance analysis of CPU profiles soon; has vastly more info than the debug output


Ok, I’ve done my best here. I haven’t been able to get it to produce client-rebuild.cpuprofile.




I’m wondering if this is related to my folder structure. ui and pages folders are located in the imports folder. Should it be:


The latter two links aren’t working for me; I suspect that the startup.cpuprofile will be the most relevant one. Happy to take a look once you’ve re-uploaded it

When you save changes to code, what does the terminal say?
Client modified -- refreshing or Meteor server restarted?
If you’re only modifying client code it sd say the former.
Client modifications take way less time than server restarts.

Sorry about that. Not sure why they didn’t work. Links have now been fixed.

Yeah it’s meteor server restarted. I don’t understand why the imports folder would cause a full server restart.

  • Create client folder inside of imports folder
  • Put everything client related (ui, startup, etc) there. Then it will only refresh the browser, not the whole server process.
  • Bang! PROFIT

Everything that’s not inside client or server folders is loaded both on client and server. And changes to server code require restarts.


Thanks for that. Driving me crazy.

I think there’s something wrong with your dev DB (or your connection to the dev DB). In the server startup profile, it spends 1.5 seconds actually starting up and then around 9 seconds very occasionally making DB related calls and waiting a long time.