Faster/smoother Mupx (or alternatives)

Hi there,

I have a very active site that often has 50-100 users on it – the vast majority of them actively interacting and saving new data. When I deploy new code using mupx, I use a self-built warning/message system to let them know that the change is about to happen. But, the whole process is still quite disruptive, and often they don’t notice the warnings.

I’m wondering if there’s a smoother way I could be rolling these updates out that don’t disrupt the user experience? Anyone have tips?


Honestly, you could build out a setup with a load balancer and at least two app servers. Mup will deploy one server at a time and restart it, so that would at least offer uptime during the deploy. No matter what you do, Meteor will be consumed by a huge mass of people reconnecting once a box comes up and re-fetches all their data, no way around that problem.

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