Fastosphere, the fastest way to find Meteor Package (new version with tons of update)

I’m happy to show you the new version of fastosphere.

Some changes:

  • click on a package to see detail (readme, changelog, stats)
  • one click to copy ‘meteor add packagename’ in the clipboard so you can directly paste it on your terminal
  • more info (number of open issues, download, stars…)
  • lot of fixes

And of course… still open source and blazing fast!


The one click copy is fantastic! Thanks a lot.


Really cool, thank you :smiley:


glad it’s back

it seemed to get really out synch at some pointin the past and slipped out of use

hope it stays, leaves atmoslow in a trail of asteroids


Nice work. This solves one of the biggest bug-bears for me with atmosphere, in that all searches are wildcarded with no discernible way to turn it off.

For example, with fastosphere you can type “react - reactive” or even just "react " (sans quotes, but with a space), and not get hits for every meteor reactive package.

Atmosphere by contrast returns anything with the string in it, so “table” gets you - “table”, “unstable”, “editable”, “nestable”…


i fixed some issues related to this, if you still see some out of sync, tell me :slight_smile:

btw what is that sorting with empty search? I could not figure it out :smiley:

It’s the packages that have the best score.

@acemtp btw did u get inspired by my blog on Material design and bootstrap?
I kinda noticed similarity :smiley:

This is great! I love meteor but atmosphere can be painful to use. Thanks for this!

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You sure about that? At first I thought the “score” must be weighted towards github stars, but then I found an entry on the first page where both downloads and stars were higher than the entry above it…

Hi Vianney

Have you seen this?
(Great work by the way!)

Dan (@dandv) has been trying to clean up Atmosphere.

Perhaps you might want to get in touch?

I created fastosphere in december 2014, not sure I saw your blog by the time

The advantage with fastosphere is it’s opensource, so if you want see the score system, it’s here

Feel free to do a patch request if you think you can provide something better :slight_smile:


Next time I need a randomization algo, I’ll know where to look! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only kidding of course, but there are some pretty binary scaling metrics in there. 1000 github starts is a 5X score than 999 stars?


if (p.git && p.git.stargazers_count > 10000) score *= 100;
else if (p.git && p.git.stargazers_count > 1000) score *= 10;
else if (p.git && p.git.stargazers_count > 100) score *= 2;

Could maybe just be this?:

if (p.git &&  p.git.stargazers_count) score *= p.git.stargazers_count/100;

suggestion: use viewmodel so you can sync querystring with search. would be nice if I can share a search

also would be nice if each package has a route, ie
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I think we broke it:
{name: “n”, message: “Operations quota exceeded, change plan to get more Operations.”}

Algolia’s free tier is over. daaaaamn

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Thanks for the feedback @borges and @mordrax, it was my fault. It’s now back and running!