Fatal error when calling Accounts.createUser


Has anyone else experienced this? When I try to create a user, e.g.:

Accounts.createUser({email: 'person@site.com', password: 'test'});

It doesn’t return a new user ID, and on the server side I see:

W20160521-00:55:25.576(-7)? (STDERR) 
W20160521-00:55:25.577(-7)? (STDERR) undefined:0
W20160521-00:55:25.577(-7)? (STDERR) 
W20160521-00:55:25.577(-7)? (STDERR) 
W20160521-00:55:25.578(-7)? (STDERR) TypeError: undefined is not a function

I’m completely unable to make an account. Has anyone seen this before, or has any ideas how to even begin figuring out what’s causing it?




Try this out, though Im using it with roles.

// run at Meteor app startup
Meteor.startup(function() {
  // if users database is empty, seed these values
  if(Meteor.users.find().count() < 1) {
    // users array
    var users = [
        // the front desk roles
      { name: 'Daenerys Targaryen', email: 'frontdesk1@gmail.com', password: 'frontdesk1', roles: ['frontdesk'] },
      { name: 'Khal Drogo', email: 'frontdesk2@gmail.com', password: 'frontdesk2', roles: ['frontdesk'] },
      // the nurse roles
      { name: 'Arya Stack', email: 'nurse1@gmail.com', password: 'nurse1', roles: ['nurse'] },
      { name: 'Tyrion Lannister', email: 'nurse2@gmail.com', password: 'nurse2', roles: ['nurse'] },
      // the doctors roles
      { name: 'Cersei Lannister', email: 'doctor1@gmail.com', password: 'doctor1', roles: ['doctor'] },
      { name: 'Sansa Stack', email: 'doctor2@gmail.com', password: 'doctor2', roles: ['doctor'] },

    // user creation
    _.each(users, function(d) {
      // return id for use in roles assignment below
      var userId = Accounts.createUser({
        email: d.email,
        password: d.password,
        username: d.email,
        profile: {
          name: d.name
      // verify user email
      Meteor.users.update({ _id: userId }, { $set: { 'emails.0.verified': true } });
      // add roles to user
      Roles.addUsersToRoles(userId, d.roles);


EDIT: I’ll post this as an issue on GitHub.


I have the exact same issue. It works if I stop and run the app again, but I’m getting this error when I try to create a user or login. Have you find out the reason or solution for this?


It’s a problem with bcrypt. It doesn’t affect production at all, this only occurs when you run meteor shell at least once, while using Accounts.


Not running Meteor shell after a server reboot made the issue go away. Thanks @ffxsam, that’s a really strange one.