Feature idea: Warning when using abandoned or unmaintained packages

I recently read a lot on Stackoverflow regaring packages not working. I often found, that the cause was that beginners and newcomers used “popular” packages which have already been abandoned or were not maintained since ages.

It would be really great to either flag those packages or throw a warning when adding these packages to your project.

Rules for warning could be:

  • not maintained since 1 year and longer
  • flagged as read-only on github
  • voted by the community as “abandoned”

What do you think?


How do you distinguish ‘abandoned’ and ‘unmaintained’ from ‘completed’ and ‘accomplished what we set out to do’?


Encourage package maintainers to use for example the repo status badge: https://www.repostatus.org/


Time to build a new package manager :troll:


Looks great and I will update my repos with it, but again it fail as it depends on human input if something changes which sadly doesn’t solve the issue, if anything it might actually be more confusing if a repo is active and then the maintainer abandons it without changing the status.

Maybe there could be a community-vote mechanism? You could see next to the stars the “deprecated” flags as a count, too and build your own opinion on that. A counterargument would be, that this could be misused to put bad reputation on a package.

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