[Feature request?] Overwrite replyTo for Accounts.emailTemplates


It seems like the replyTo endpoint is missing in the Template configuration.

Accounts.emailTemplates.siteName = “Some Project”;
Accounts.emailTemplates.from = "info@temp.someproject.com";
Accounts.emailTemplates.replyTo = "info@someproject.com"; // Does not exists….
Accounts.emailTemplates.headers = {
“Reply-To”: "info@someproject.com"

The problem is that my SMTP server forces me to use a specific email "info@temp.someproject.com" in the from field, and with the default Accounts configuration, there is no replyTo property to configure.
As you can see, I also tried to override the SMTP headers but it didn’t seem to work as well (It is probably overwrited by the default from property).

Any idea on how I could properly overwrite “Reply-To” and still use “From” with Accounts.emailTemplates ?
I would rather use the official templates instead of calling Email.send myself…