Feature request proposal: split meteor bundle and cache its components

So the basic meteor app structure is:

  • meteor-core files
  • npm packages
  • app-specific files

During app lifetime, mostly app-specific files are changed, meteor core and npms remain the same (unless updated to a newer version).
So, it wd only be reasonable to download them to the client only once. And all the future times when client
accesses the app - it sd only re-download app-specific bundle - if it has changed.

As far as I know, as of v.1.6 Meteor still bundles everything together into 2 huge files, bundle.js & bundle.css. And thus even a minuscule change in app code or style will require re-download of either or these two possibly-huge files. Instead of just serving everything from cache.

I wonder if what I suggest can be achieved with dynamic imports? Or we’d better create a new feature request?

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If I understand your requirement correctly, then yes - that’s the problem dynamic imports solves.

From what I know about meteor’s implementation of dynamic import - content is fetched via websocket. Can such content be cached on the browser?

As of Meteor 1.6.1, dynamic imports are now done over http.

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Decide to create a feature req still…