Feedback integrations or plugins

Was wondering if the community can chime in on suggestions for good feedback plugin app integrations they have used successfully and/or efficiently with Meteor. I’m using React and Apollo. I saw that @warpdrive was using Drift on a site he commented about. Any suggestions are appreciated!

I looked at several Customer Service Messaging Apps before choosing Drift. All such apps had similar features and similar pricing - $50/month to start. I did not have needs for advanced features, at least not yet, that can distinguish one app from another.

So what tilted me in favor of Drift? - their pricing. They are free up to first 100 contacts. Then they charge $50/month for up to 1000 contacts. “Contact” is defined as someone who gives their email address. I get several enquiries from the landing page from people who have not signed up yet. So they don’t get counted. (I use mixpanel and google analytics to track signed-up users.)

Being a self-financed bootstrapped project, this saving was important to me.

Integrating Drift was super easy. I just had to copy the code they gave to the Head section in my index.html of my meteor project - OneFamily.

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Sounds like you made a very good choice with Drift. Thanks for the helpful details.

We have been using BugMuncher, and have found it pretty helpful thus far. You can check out the pricing here:

We are on their $29/mo plan, basically just so we can get screenshots. The screenshots have been about 95% accurate so far, which we are happy about, given that many of our ui elements are dynamic/based on reactive data.

One thing to note is that if you’re running in a dev/localhost environment, screenshots won’t work. But on our qa and live servers, things have been pretty good.

Drift looks great if you need immediate interaction. But if you just need to log feedback/bug submissions, we’ve found BugMuncher to be pretty helpful.

Also, for integration, we dropped the script tag into its own template that’s included in our main layout. We also used css to hide the feedback button (as it was interfering with some scrolling and ui elements) and instead added a menu item that just triggers a click on the hidden button. Probably took 10 minutes to get set up.

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Thanks for sharing and for the helpful details. Looks like the screenshots with BugMuncher is a nice feature to have available.