Fetch and bind to Template

Hi, im trying to find the way to fetch an array from collection and displaying it on the template without iterating. This is what i have

	selector: 'blog',
	styles: [ style ]
export class BlogComponent  {
	articleSub: Subscription;
	articles: any;
	error: string;
	public quotesArray;
	constructor() {
		this.articleSub = MeteorObservable.subscribe('articles').subscribe(()=>{
				this.articles = Articles.find({}, {sort:{date: -1}}).fetch();

this correctly displays the author in my console, but when i try to bind it to the template as

    <h2 class="title"> {{articles[0].title}}</h2>

I get

EXCEPTION: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined

What is the correct way to do this?
Im using angular 2 and can’t work around a *NgFor
Thank you very much