Fetching subscribed data through method


I am asking this out of curiosity, so please bear with me :slight_smile:
After learning the core about publication/subscription and methods on the meteor docs i got to know that both of these can be used to fetch data and the former is better for reactively updating the client database.

Ok, But before this I had a method that used to fetch data from Meteor.users() collection

    'fetchUsers' : function() {
            return Meteor.users.find();

I used to call this method from Template.onCreated and getting the result from callback into template helper reactively using ReactiveVar

    var self = this;
    self.usersVar = new ReactiveVar();

And in the template helper

Template.homescreen.helpers ({
    'users' : function() {
        return this.usersVar.get();


All this code was working perfectly until I removed autopublish and published the same data from the server and subscribed to it globally on the client.

So all in all, I mixed both ways, i.e methods and pub/sub but what I got after mixing both was pretty unusual.

In some cycle, the data was fetched, i.e it rendered correctly and i some it did not.
So each time i reloaded the page, I didn’t know whether the fetch would be successful this time or not.
Pretty strange :smile:

So I wanted to know if anyone could help me explain this unusual behaviour.

Btw, Both the ways methods and pub/sub are working fine if done individually.

Thanks in advance

Hi! maybe this thread will help you a bit Meteor 1.5 publication/method pagination