Fibers free GitHub board

Hello everyone,

We created a new board on GitHub to give the community a broad view of the Fibers-free work progress.

This board is based on the plan we’ve been working on all this time.

Right now, we have three columns:

  • Todo: Tasks that no one is working on yet.
  • In Progress: Someone is already working on it, or it’s done but not released yet.
  • Done: It’s already released.

We can have more columns in the future if we judge needed.

If you think there is something missing on this board, you can open an issue describing what needs to be done. Then we can discuss and add it to the board. Just tag me or @grubba on GitHub.

If there is something on the board that you wanna work on, feel free to! You can tag me if you want to discuss the task as well.

We hope that this board makes our progress clearer for everyone.


That’s great @denyhs! Tks for sharing!

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