Field "_id" incompatible issue + Deploy to Vercel

My app was modified From Blaze-Meteor to Nuxt Apollo + the Meteor account system. It was working fine until now, When I think I have to find a way for better and easily scaling. I found Vercel which is pretty cool as I can host my sites for free with global cdn.

To do that, I have to solve some problems and hope someone can help me.

  1. Is there a way to deploy the Meteor app to Vercel like Meteor now which was deprecated years ago ?
    My Meteor app uses Apollo and non Meteor methods or Meteor subscriptions but these mongo data manipulations are still in Native Meteor way. Can I convert my Meteor app to a Normal Node app so I can deploy it to Vercel ?

  2. If the 1st question is a no then: How to save documents in normal node mongoose app with String “_id”.
    Mongoose saves documents with Object Ids which is causing conflict errors when the Meteor App tries to update these documents.
    How to save/insert documents using String for _id.
    If there’s an alterative to mongoose would be better.

  3. If the 2nd question has a solution: What is the simplest way to migrate from the Meteor account system to a normal Apollo-node server.