File access demied

I’m not able to save the HTML file after doing the modifications given in meteor tutorial it’s showing access denied. What should I do now?

We need a bit more info here to be able to be of any assistance. Where are you editing the file? If on your own machine then check what permissions are set on it.

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I’m editing it in my own machine using notepad. I checked the properties of the file and changed the security to allow modify but it still showing access denied

So, this is on Windows?

  • Did you install Meteor with chocolatey?
  • Are you using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) or are you running Meteor on Windows natively (using, for example, PowerShell)?

yeah I’m using windows 8.0 . I installed meteor with chocolatey.

OK, so no need to worry about WSL, then!

I recommend using PowerShell in preference to cmd. However, the important thing is that when you want to work with your app (meteor create, meteor run, editing files, etc) the command window must not be running with adminstrator privileges, or every interaction with the app will also need administrator privileges.

In summary:

  • install with chocolatey and administrator privileges.
  • do everything else with a normal PowerShell (or cmd) window.