File loading order section in the docs

I’ve been away from Meteor for a few years and much has changed! I was looking at the application structure help page and see that for the section Load Order it mentions that version 1.3 is the last version that supports unnamed, automatic imports. Is that right? Also, does the entire rest of that section, including ’ Special directories’ and ‘Files outside of special directories’ only apply to meteor 1.3, as well? It is unclear to me, but I’m assuming so. I tried putting a single javascript file containing a simple meteor method definition in the root of the project. It is ignored in meteor 2.6 unless I specifically import it in the main.js of the client and server folders, but it loads automatically using meteor 1.3.

I ask because I’m thinking about making a ‘serverless function’ engine using meteor, and it will be much easier to operate if users can create their own functions (Meteor methods) in a js file, upload it to the right place, and it will just magically be available, without me having to change any other code. I’ll be using simple:rest to expose the methods as API endpoints, which will basically be used as internal webhooks for a CI/CD. This is for an internal tool so security is not a primary concern. It looks like I would have to use meteor 1.3 to get this feature. If anyone has any ideas on how to automatically load files on both the client and server from a specific directory without named imports, in the current version of meteor, please let me know! Thanks. :slight_smile: