File sharing using wifi

Based on these tutorials, having a peer to peer connection in both android and ios for transferring information between two devices is possible:

I was wondering how can I implement similar functionality via meteor?

any example? any idea?

I saw it done on Linux and with other operating systems. I have yet to see it on a browser, which is what you are looking for. This really isn’t something that Meteor sitting in a remote location can do, but something that can be done via the client. So if the browser has the capacity to do it, then it should be as simple as just calling the necessary API on the browser and then sending the result to the server. But I have yet to see such an API. Maybe Electron has something…

Sorry for delay, we used a sockets package for Cordova and opened a custom port (e.g. 8080) for inter-client communication

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Hey Ramez,
That sounds like the right solution. I gonna give it a try!

Thanks for your help.