File upload to S3 tutorial

Part 1 of a simple tutorial dealing with file uploads in Meteor, nothing ground-breaking and very much a beginner level tutorial, but might (hopefully!) be useful for beginners:

Part 2 coming up in a week or so.


Thanks so much for this tutorial! I’ve been trying to find one where it goes in depth with code and pictures. I can’t wait for part 2!

Once again thanks!

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Very nice, thanks!

What are your thoughts on using the Internet Archive for storage? How would the code differ if one were to use the Internet Archive S3 API?

Hi brylie, unfortunately I’m not familiar with using IAS3 so can’t really comment on what would be required to use it. If you wanted to use it with FSCollection you could look at the source for the S3 store and see how difficult it would be to create a store for IAS3.

Really nice, mate! You and @themeteorchef seem to be birds of a feather, with full length, complete coverages of topics. @themeteorchef, meet @riebeekn ! I like what I’m seeing, keep it up !

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