File upload woes - what's the cool stuff on the map these days

  • Is there any simple file upload layers/services / uploads to S3 or IPFS that are easy to handle? I’ve always felt that user uploads of files took FOREVER and it was such a pain in the ass to configure I always gave up. I would do a demo with the mongo db FS and then just forget about it. This is a huge one for me.

  • I’m excited about the possibilty of IPFS.

  • I like how the google app console “can” handle files (haven’t implemented yet, but seems pretty straightforward and the underlying CDN seems to be sufficient. has a similar approach, but it’s not implemented yet.

  • S3 – is there anything new where it’s really easy to implement file uploads to S3 or is it still pretty much a mess? Am I missing any JS libraries that “EEEEVERYONE” uses?


Check out edgee:slingshot package. Uploads from browser to S3


A lot of people like using lepozepo:s3 as well.