Files and Uploads Package Poll

Right now the most popular package on Atmosphere for handling and uploading files is CollectionFS. But looking at the repo, it no longer seems to be maintained.

What file / upload package are you using these days?

I’ve been using lepozepo:s3 for the past few projects, and have to say it’s made my life easier. Combined with imgix, images are really a breeze whether you need them for desktop, mobile, emails, etc.

Even without imgix, I think it would be hard not to use something like s3 or cloudinary now. Hitting the billing quota on s3 is pretty hard for even a handful of projects, unless they are scaling.

I haven’t tried yet. But I guess that with Meteor 1.3 we can start using packages from NPM. Such as:

I haven’t tried those. If someone has, please let us know whether it works or not.

let’s try

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