Filtering users collection

Good afternoon! I have a users collection with data in it (created using accounts-password package) and I want to display user info in a list and then filter based on checkboxes and dropdowns (similar to or some other service like that). The issue I am running into following the steps outlined here:
Following the code examples I get the following:

Server side
Meteor.FilterCollections.publish(users, { name: 'list', callbacks: {/*...*/} });

Client side
UserFilter= new Meteor.FilterCollections(users, { template: 'list' // Other arguments explained later. See Configuration. });
Note: I am NOT specifying the below because that is already created with the accounts-password package.
Users= new Meteor.Collection("users");

I am getting the error: “users is not defined”. Any help on this? Is this package compatible with accounts-password package?

When I try and “define” it using
Users= new Meteor.Collection("users");
I get the error: “collection users already exists.” What am I doing wrong?

Bump. Can anyone help?

Could someone help out? Do you need more info? Would be much appreciated.

If you are trying to query the users that are created using the default Accounts module, you can do the following:

Meteor.users.find({ favoriteColor: 'blue' });

Not sure what you’re trying to accomplish with the filter-collections, but hopefully this helps?