Finally! A Tutorial to make your Meteor App a PWA

Hope this helps anyone out there. I finally came across this tutorial on how to make your Meteor app a PWA,


That’s great. Is there any notable changes for windows users?

Hi there. If you are interested in that score in the Lighthouse, you can go this way but it doesn’t mean that you make your Meteor app into a PWA. There was already a recent discussion on this subject which you can find here: Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with Meteor

At the end of that discussion you will find some comments about some minimum requirements that you would need to satisfy in order to call that a PWA.

If you want to get green in the Lighthouse, sure the article is good. If you want to do something with your PWA other than show green, you would probably need to take a more modern, mature and complex approach and implement Workbox.