Finally Cracked - Deeplinking in Meteor JS - Full Guide (2022)

So, I have searched a lot for a clear guideline on how to do it in Meteor. I couldn’t find anything, so I took up the challenge found the solution, and implemented it. Here’s the full story with step by step guide - Deep Linking in Meteor JS— A Step by Step Guide with Examples ( 2022 ) | Fasal Engineering


Thanks for sharing, interesting to see. I’ve been using Helmet to achieve this in my web app. Good to learn about mobile app implementations.

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Yes @truedon , this is appside configuration so you will be all set in the app as well.

hi @roy2019, I checked your post and found it interesting. Did you ever consider PWA instead of native App? Reading in your article about the marketing aspects of App vs Web, was curious what are the reasons for which you would consider native App superior to PWA or what were the dead ends you encountered (beside Push on IOS).
I see IOS 15.4 might come with web push for Safari and this could be the first time PWA are a feasible alternative to native. iOS 15.4 beta reveals Safari push notifications, WebXR and improved PWA support


Hi @paulishca thank you for going through my article and commenting on this thread. Now to answer your question, I have considered PWA for my other applications, and PWA is amazing IMHO. Here actually we already have an app present so my use case was to provide an extra technical push for lead generation towards our app. So it was more of a business decision rather than technical, that’s why we implemented it. However, you can check out this application built by me, where I use PWA extensively. Also, you are right, iOS going to be more supportive towards PWA. The only thing about the PWA push I really want to see is if we can somehow customize the look and feel a little that could be a gamechanger.