Financial Domain Apps using Meteor and Mongo (Feasibility and Security)


Hi All,

I am gaining a good knowledge in Meteor and Mongo, I have some curious questions in my mind, I thought I should ask you.

What do you think about Secured Financial Apps using Meteor and Mongo?

Some of the questions that comes in my mind, Sorry if I seems to be wrong, but that is why I am asking them to get some knowledge from you guys

Meteor - Is Meteor a good Platform to Build Secured Financial Apps?
I know few things about data security like Subscriptions, autopublish and Insecure
Can you suggest me something more on this?

Mongo - Some Financial Apps may required Commit and Rollback, What is your Opinion about this for MongoDB?

Mongo - In some cases we may require complex DB queries that we are used to in RDBMS, What is your Opinion on this?

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Hi Manu,

You should check for a CQRS system. There’s a current implementation available in Meteor:

By the way, never rollback on such apps, all transactions must be logged. You should prefer setting a specific status on your transactions that tells that they are cancelled.



It can work, but I think you should be very comfortable with MongoDB before you approach something like this. Mongo doesn’t have transactions like in SQL, and you’ll have to simulate them using something like Mongo’s Two-Phase Commit. There is also the babrahams:transactions package, but I haven’t used it.
Regarding complex DB queries, you’ll be structuring your data in a different way than you would with a RDBMS.


Thanks for your replies guys, I appreciate your suggestions, More suggestions are welcome