Finding a good developer

I’ve been looking for a decent Meteor developer but had very bad luck on Upwork. I’ve lost lots of money with guys who claim they are a senior developer. What other sites are good resource for finding freelance PT developers?
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Try maybe you have more luck on there.

Not that I’m accusing you personally but please also consider that you might offer not enough money - after all, if you offer peanuts you get monkeys.

Also define clear goals. For example, you could insist on your developers to use tests. And let them show you those tests before they get their money.

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I’ve recruited my (remote) devs from weworkmeter, which then gets reposted on other sites like weworkremotely, and other remote sites. Plenty of responders, though it does require work to filter experienced people.

@tberg Why to find the developers on external sources while Meteor is providing the list of it’s partners and there is also a facility to post your job for them. Check

We are one of the Prime Partner and we might be interested to work on your project. You can send me your requirement via