Finding org chart library (illustrations included)

Hey everyone.

I am looking for solution (a JS library I guess) to visualize relationships between company members.

Conditions and requirements:

  • There is binary structure of partners, max 10 levels to visualize.

  • Chart area should be zoomable - the more zoomed, the more info viewed.

For example, bu default only ID vivsible:

On the next zoom level avatar and another info added:

It’s desirable to chart lib handle zoom events.

  • Chart area should be draggable so we can go to nodes not viewed right now.
  • Arbitary html in nodes or nodes high customizable.
  • There is no need to dynamically add new nodes by clicking some gizmos or
    reorganize structure or drug and drop nodes - just render once and make it discoverable.
  • All behavior explained above same on mobile.

Is there any JS library with such functionality out of the box or with minimum customization?

I know all popular chart libraries, but diggint into each lib api may take a lot of time. Before I will sart it anyway, maybe some folks alredy did something similar.

Did you look at the JpintJS library: ? I think it is exactly the right tool for your task.

Yes, i saw it. From first look I cant say, does it support zooming or not, Also, according to example, developer have to programmatically link nodes like:

var bart = member(300,70,'CEO', 'Bart Simpson', 'male.png', '#30d0c6');
var marge = member(300,200,'VP Sales', 'Marge Simpson', 'female.png', '#7c68fd', '#f1f1f1');

link(bart, marge, [{x: 385, y: 180}]);

It is desirable to declare parents-children relationships in data object and then just pass it to function.

Thanks for answer.