Finding someone to help me build part of my app

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I have been building a Meteor + React app for just over 3 years now and I still have quite a bit to do before I can publish the app for people to use.

The main hurdle I have left is to integrate Stripe with the app to allow customers to join a subscription, manage it, see invoices etc. I know that if I really try to do this on my own, I would be able to figure it all out but I need this area of the app to be flawless and I also want to speed things up. So having someone who has done this before and has experience with it is obviously a good thing.

Does anyone know where I can find someone who I can trust (I have avoided freelancers for this reason for a very long time) help me build only this part of the app? I am willing to pay good money to have this done.

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Hey @serks, shoot me an email and I can help:

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