Finished my Meteor MMO -

Not sure if Meteor is the best tool to make some kind of MMO thing, but it is going well so far! Check it out here:

If anyone knows a good host for Meteor sites for once I start getting some traffic that would be nice to mention!


Pretty cool idea… can see myself getting hooked! :frowning:

Thanks! I got a lot of experience with Meteor and general website stuff while making it. Once more users join in it will be a lot better probably!

Haha I took my own country :smiley: :smiley:

@jrodmanu I’m using DigitalOcean and it’s pretty good :wink: But the host is not the only factor for scaling well.

Had to reset the site because i made some database changes to prevent cheating along with other stuff. Thanks for helping me guys! :smiley: Hopefully from now on I’ll be able to save the database when I redeploy

@jrodmanu Couldn’t reply you on chat, but I ended up there from this post. :wink:

Ah yeah, my change to chat also broke something; quickly fixed it though :slight_smile:

I win!

Ok, I cheated a little…

HAHAHHAA that’s mean.

Dang, that’s actually pretty sweet! I probably should have checked up on my Meteor forums account sooner. You have challenged me to make a cool bot now!