🔥 Blaze Fans, All Systems Go!


(breaking this out as mentioned by @peter.roehlen here)

Issue 7633 has been merged to devel, so the Meteor Blaze packages are now fully managed from the new Blaze repo. If you care about the future of Blaze, now is your chance to jump in and show your support!

Is Meteor Dying? State of the Meteor Ecosystem

YAY! Finally, we can take charge! Well done @mitar


This is good news. I enjoy Blaze and not a big fan of neither React or Angular so I’d like to see it growing.

Few comments/observations, please keep me honest:

  1. Can we have a document that explains the main pieces, architecture diagram and how it works so it’s easier to understand
  2. How hard it is to get Blaze working outside of Meteor? What are the main challenges? Ideally I should be able to port a template written to Blaze into another stack if needed…
  3. Can was have a dedicated page for Blaze and host in on NPM?

In my opinion, most other view frameworks gets a lot of marketing, Blaze had almost none and that is why it didn’t get as popular…


Join our Slack chat.

The link to join the blaze slack group is broken :confused: :



This. Is. Awesome! Thanks @mitar for pushing the community version of Blaze forward.


It is just redirect to: http://blazejs.slack.com/


How do I join the group?


Yep, I’d like to join, too. But how can I do this?


Until we fix the invitation link, you can DM me your email.


So excited about this!


Fly, little library… FLY!!!


Haha – thanks – that made me smile. :slight_smile:


This is being discussed here:

Blaze 2 Release?

:tada: Slack invitation page has been fixed! :confetti_ball:

No need to send me DMs anymore :wink:


Invitation limit already reached :slight_smile:


I hope we will be able to use Apollo with Blaze.


Great news! So happy for this. I’ve really tried to like React and even Angular, but failed miserably. Blaze is still what my heart tells med to use. And this situation may even make Blaze better. I’m a solo dev and doesn’t need all the scalability, modularity and buzzword compability that the large teams demand. Go Blaze!


I don’t like using Blaze, but I still think this is a pretty cool milestone! Good job to everybody involved, I know it wasn’t easy to get here. Don’t hesitate to ask if you think there’s something I can help with.


Is it?

Well, you can still DM me your email if you have problems signing up.


Awesome news!

Unfortunately by this time I’m too invested in React to go back to Blaze, but in case anyone wants to carry it on, I did the beginnings of a virtual dom implementation for Blaze last year, with almost no changes to Blaze core. Would also open the way to running Blaze in a web worker, but then a solution would be needed for how best to handle template events.