🔥 Blaze Fans, All Systems Go!


Well, according to Slack documentation, too many invitations apparently were not accepted, so they automatically enforced the rate limit.

I have manually re-sent all pending invitations, so let’s hope that will fix it.

As I already mentioned, you can PM me your email and I’ll gladly invite you.


The invitation rate limit has been lifted so we’re good to go :slight_smile:


Very glad too see, that blaze can go on. I really don’t like react and angular. I LOVE BLAZE. So hopefully it grows.


One of the reasons I loved Meteor was Blaze . I am not planning to switch to react , in other words, I am not planning to switch from simplicity to complexity.


I love blaze too, but take a look at react and it’s flexibility. Two different worlds with their strength and weakness. But just spending one week may help you choose better solution.


Blaze Fans here!! I am planning to stick with Blaze too. Cheers.