Firebase + Meteor

I have back end requirements where I’d pretty much just like to index variations of an object, and make some external API calls. I’m not all that conscious in regards cons and pros of either stacks other than that with Meteor they only recently upgraded DB drivers that are supposedly performant. With either being their own animals, am I looking at another futile attempt in actually getting to deployment? I also doubt performance of firebase DB in efficiency. I am sold on google being one of more competitive providers, I’d still bet that meteor 1.3 may be cheaper to operate.

Well fine, it appears somewhat wothless unless you try and use it as a library of sorts if there’s a guide on that. A lot like I’d rather not get into restfull business, I’d rather relegate what I can to firebase if there’s guide on that.

PS it is costly, practically a technical debt.

PSS I’m operating under assumption that the post is bleeding edge actual given it’s recent posting date.