Firebase support?

hello - i see that firebase is fully supported using nodeJS, so is firebase available through Meteor?

i was under the possibly incorrect assumption that if nodeJS supports a utility, it probably is available through meteor as well.

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Yeah, all you need to do is load the NPM package, and then use the API like you usually would in Node:

once again, thank you very much sashko.

would you say that firebase is a viable db over mongoDB? do we get the reactive feature like we get using mongoDB?

i do see a few advantages to using firebase over mongoDB.

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There is an interesting and very simple package on github that does the job: Both the client and the server can talk to Firebase independently, the client through firebase-bower and the server through npm firebase. Thus an experienced meteor developer might try to cut off the DDP and the whole server side and run his firebase collection in client only mode :grinning:

This is very subjective.
When you used firebase, most probably you’ll need to use client side part of Meteor only.
So, you could basically connect to firebase directly with the client side.

I hope trying to use it in the server is not the ideal use of Firebase.

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i asked our friends at firebase about meteor support, and here is the
answer i received back:


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

No and we won’t support this in the future. Meteor and Firebase have quite
a bit of overlap.

Someone will probably create an OS lib to do it some day.

at least the firebase customer support didn’t suggest that i should quit
technology and go back to sacking groceries, like somebody on the meteor
forum has suggested.

Thank you,

Mark Edwards

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