Firefox and the change of a select box

Is there a workaround for this in meteor? I do not have this issue with autoform, but with a custom form in meteor.
Here’s a link to the issue.

Any suggestions? THX

This has been resolved. Use 2.10.1-beta

Hi manuel,
thanks for the quick hint. I just took viewmodel as example. I am using a custom form based on bootstrap3.
Can you share your solution with me, So I can fix this issue in my app? Cheers.

Use the change event for the select, not input.{ 'change select[name=type_sel]': function() { console.log('but-nothing-fires'); } });

But nothing happens in Firefox :frowning:

Your selector is off then. The following works fine:{
  'change select': function() {

Nope even that is not working. It’s a shame.
I know there must be some workaround, because
autoform got the dropdowns working even in
firefox. Mmm. But thanks anyway for your help!

Make a repro copy pasting that code into a new project (it works just fine with Firefox for me).

Thanks and sorry for my late reply. It was indeed working :slight_smile: Cheers manuel