Firefox : InternalError: "too much recursion"

Hello everybody,
I am facing difficulties to make our meteor app works with firefox (windows).
We have the error : Exception in callback of async function: InternalError: “too much recursion”
The app is working well with chrome.

I have read this thread : but I was not able to fix it.

Do you know where to investigate ?
Thanks for your help.

This sounds like a reactive calculation that is running into an infinite loop. Are you using Blaze? Here it is pretty easy to setup reactive calculations wrong. I would check all subscriptions and other reactive calculations. You can also use the browser profiler to check in which parts of the code the time is spent.

Yes we are using Blaze.
This appears even on our login page that has very few subscriptions.
I will investigate the firefox console debugger

Did you manage to narrow down to a piece of code that we can use to reproduce?

You need to look at two things:

  1. Many (nested) templates, some of which you have little or no control over (e.g. external packages). Pay extra attention where nested templates may take inputs from the same helper in the parent.

  2. Your own templates, where you might try to set a reactive variable in a parent template, which in turn re-triggers the computation in the child template. In this case have a look at potentially too liberal usage of Template.currentData(). Or simply do not attempt to change the parent.

A good generic troubleshooting approach would be to eliminate all templates on the affected page, then re-add them gradually until you see the condition kicking in. There’s your culprit.

I was expecting this request :slight_smile: No not yet.

Thanks for your message. I have remove all templates and all blaze helpers from my login html page as you suggested in your point 2 but this has no effect.

Firefox on mac is fine. The problem is only with firefox on windows (I have the last version)

It seems than this is linked with iron_middleware-stack (see image)

Not familiar with the package. You could clone it then try and debug it locally.

I have found other having the same problem :

And some solution proposal :

I will try this and tell you if it helps

Hello, I confirm that pasting this repo in the meteor packages folder solved my problem

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