First ever Crater Remote Conference!

I am excited to announce the first ever Crater Remote Conference. The talks all center around building realtime apps using tools like Meteor and React. Check it out:


Also, 10% of the proceeds will go towards


Will this be recorded and available on-demand?

Yes, ticket purchasers will get early access to the recordings, but eventually all the talks will be available on youtube free of charge.

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This looks awesome.

You’ve got a pretty stellar panel lined up circling around the Meteor ecosystem, totally looking forward to this. I wonder what Meteor will look like in February compared to today.

Have you reached out to MDG? I wonder if anyone would like to give a talk? maybe @sashko ? I’m impressed with the effort he’s putting into the Meteor Guide. It would be nice to see someone from “corporate” join a “community” conference like this.

Thanks for your efforts @joshowens


I’m interested to hear what standpoint will be taken on React.

I wonder what React will look like in February compared to today :wink:

I am working to secure 1 more React talk, from someone outside the Meteor community.

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This is great. And the contribution is a pretty good idea. I really like it.

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Thanks, I am pretty excited!

Looks like I may have two more talks to announce tomorrow!