First time Galaxy deployment - Should it be taking this long?

This is my first time deploying a Meteor app to Galaxy.

I’m not sure if I’m having a problem or not. The first thing it seems to have been doing after the deployment commands is “Downloading npm-bcrypt@0.8.7”.

It has been at least 20-30 minutes at this point, and no change. I’m not sure if it froze or not, but it still has the little animated icon to the right of it, so I’m assuming it’s still working, just slow.

But really, I’m not quite sure what I should do. Just wait it out? Should there be progress by now?

Any advice would be appreciated!

(Update - About 10 mins after I posted that I received an error. But then tried again, it asked for login/pass and seemed to go through. Waiting on the build and hopefully all goes well!)

So did it go well? Have you eventually upload your app to Galaxy?

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Uploaded just fine after that. It was just taking a long time to get that module downloaded, and I’m assuming the first error was related to it taking awhile. Second attempt asked for user name/password immediately, and then went perfectly.

App’s running nice and smooth - even with the mLab free database for the moment - which means oplogging is not even enabled. But the app is running nice and smooth!

Outside of the confusion from the initial download taking awhile, I found the Galaxy process to be pretty straight forward, and extremely quick. Was less steps than I expected. No issues at all, aside from the RAM usage increment up 1% every few hours - which I suspect is a memory leak from an NPM package or something. Confident that it’s an issue in my application rather than a Galaxy issue.

This app needed to import a pretty large amount of data that was exported from my jobs last software from CSV files, and the process could be pretty intensive, I was concerned if this would be a problem on the Galaxy server, but it handled it just fine. To be honest, some of the PC’s our developers use had more issues importing the data than Galaxy did.

Very pleased so far!