First Time User Setup Advice

I’m moving myself out of LAMP to something new, as well as from Rackspace/AWS into a new enviro, along with a new IDE and DB GUI. A lot of big changes for me.

I’ve read some great things about Meteor and have been given some advice about the other aspects of my new learning cycle.

So thus I’ve investigated Heroku, Sublime Text, and MongoChef, but I’m curious what everyone here is using and for what reasons. I’m accustom to Komodo, DW, and XCode for IDEs, and Navicat for DB management.

I’d love some advice on this since I’m basically replacing all my tools and most of my knowledge.


One tool that I find very valuable when working with Meteor, because it uses MongoDB: Robomongo. This is like a simple phpMyAdmin for your MongoDB databases, but it’s a standalone app you can use to connect to either your local or remote DBs.

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