[ FIXED ] MUP Deploy Error

Started TaskList: Pushing Meteor App
[xxx.xxx.xx.xxx] - Pushing Meteor App Bundle to the Server
[xxx.xxx.xx.xxx] - Pushing Meteor App Bundle to the Server: SUCCESS
[xxx.xxx.xx.xxx] - Prepare Bundle
[xxx.xxx.xx.xxx] x Prepare Bundle: FAILED
          OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused "process_linux.go:449: container init caused \"process_linux.go:432: running prestart hook 0 caused \\\"error running hook: exit status 1, stdout: , stderr: time=\\\\\\\"2020-07-20T01:17:07+07:00\\\\\\\" level=fatal msg=\\\\\\\"failed to create a netlink handle: failed to set into network namespace 27 while creating netlink socket: invalid argument\\\\\\\"\\\\n\\\"\"": unknown

    real    1m21.659s
    user    0m2.432s
    sys     0m2.376s

          Updating base image
    node-12-base: Pulling from abernix/meteord
    3192219afd04: Pulling fs layer
    467dbb3d2aa9: Pulling fs layer
    839371370b5e: Pulling fs layer
    20de0707b26d: Pulling fs layer
    6a8f7e3253aa: Pulling fs layer
    37f7a255f4d5: Pulling fs layer
    20de0707b26d: Waiting
    6a8f7e3253aa: Waiting
    37f7a255f4d5: Waiting
    88a22e4d1eaf: Pulling fs layer
    88a22e4d1eaf: Waiting
    467dbb3d2aa9: Verifying Checksum
    467dbb3d2aa9: Download complete
    3192219afd04: Verifying Checksum
    3192219afd04: Download complete
    20de0707b26d: Verifying Checksum
    20de0707b26d: Download complete
    37f7a255f4d5: Verifying Checksum
    37f7a255f4d5: Download complete
    88a22e4d1eaf: Verifying Checksum
    88a22e4d1eaf: Download complete
    6a8f7e3253aa: Verifying Checksum
    6a8f7e3253aa: Download complete
    3192219afd04: Pull complete
    467dbb3d2aa9: Pull complete
    839371370b5e: Download complete
    839371370b5e: Pull complete
    20de0707b26d: Pull complete
    6a8f7e3253aa: Pull complete
    37f7a255f4d5: Pull complete
    88a22e4d1eaf: Pull complete
    Digest: sha256:ce0b262902c9430230fd840fbef52690edcfdb3ba2c96015f83d310715c899f1
    Status: Downloaded newer image for abernix/meteord:node-12-base
    Preparing for docker build
    Creating Dockerfile
    Finished creating Dockerfile
    Building image
    Sending build context to Docker daemon  241.9MB
    Step 1/8 : FROM abernix/meteord:node-12-base
    # Executing 1 build trigger
     ---> Running in 8ff45672873a
    Removing intermediate container 8ff45672873a
     ---> f50cea76c447
    Step 2/8 : RUN mkdir /built_app || true
     ---> Running in 463af540d719


Fixed by run on server

service  ds_agent stop