Fixtures not all loading in mupx deployed app


I am deploying a prototype of my app to Digital Ocean using mupx. This app has several fixtures files that should each populate a different collection. One file is 500 documents, 1.1 MB. All files properly populate the associated collection when running on local, though it takes about ten minutes to build.

When running deployed version, the 500 document file is only populating 20% of its documents. I’ve tried it a few times and the number of documents differs slightly each time, so I don’t think it’s a specific error in the code. All other files are loading properly.

Is there any way I can troubleshoot this? I’ve tried with and without autopublish in case I just wasn’t seeing the docs. The deployed app works perfectly except for the missing documents.


Try increasing your deploy wait time in your mup.json:

  "deployCheckWaitTime": 600


Thanks, works great!