Flow architecture - root container, rendering and passing params

From flow components guidelines we should design with root component in mind, which in turn should manage routing and coordinate communication with child components.

  1. What is/how do you create root component? Would this be an example of it?

    {{ > render component=root }}

here is definition of root component

<template name="root">
	{{ > render component=header }}
	{{ > render component=shoppingCart }}
	{{ > render component=footer }}

and then I’d call it from /lib/router.js like this

FlowRouter.route("/", {
	action : function (params) {
		FlowLayout.render("layout", { root: "root"});

and this should properly render my componentized layout.

  1. How would I pass initial state to the root component? For example I would want to hide one of the child components and probably the easiest way to do it would be to set the state via URL.

  2. How do I control routing from a root component?